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Spray-On Rust Inhibitor

Whatever the age of your vehicle, the right time to protect it is now. This anti-rust treatment will save your vehicle's metal parts by creating a protective barrier that combats heat, stress and condensation. By neutralizing any existing rust, this spray-on rust inhibitor will add further protection to any existing coatings as well as provide long-term durability to outlast other traditional treatments.

Underbody Protective Coating

This unique underbody treatment will provide long-term protection on the most abused parts of your vehicle as well as providing sound suppression to reduce the noise from tires, water-spray and exterior impacts. By protecting your underbody with a protective coating, you will be reducing stresses that create openings for rust to start. Protect your vehicles metal surfaces from corrosion by applying an underbody coating to the complete undercarriage.

Etronic Electronic Anti-Corrosion Module

Etronic Anti-Corrosion Rust Inhibiting Module LogoIncorporating the latest technology in electronic rust prevention, Etronic provides an affordable, efficient, eco-friendly solution to inhibit rust on today’s modern vehicles. Etronic adds strength to the existing manufacturer’s warranty by not altering your vehicle or its existing manufacturers protective coatings, and provides year-round, maintenance-free protection. 

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